Should We Do a Modest New Year’s Westfield This Year or Wait and Plan a Big One for Next Year?

The New Year’s Westfield committee met a couple of weeks ago. Due to tight time constraints, it was decided to either:

1) Have just a simple gathering this year with a “Beat the Clock” midnight sprint and a small celebration at the conclusion of the race at midnight. This isn’t a traditional road race. Participants in the sprint would need to get to the finish line before the clock tower strikes midnight. There would be different time divisions (e.g. sprinters, joggers, and walkers). What time you start the sprint would depend what division you are in. At this point, it looks like the sprint would be a couple of laps over the Great River bridges. There would likely be a DJ and adult beverages available.


2) Do nothing this year and have a much larger and longer event next year with a road race, food, music, competitive games, and activities for families and kids of all ages.

The committee is seeking Westfield resident’s input on this decision. Some on the committee thought it might be a good idea to wait until we can do it right while others were of the opinion that we should do something more low key this year.

What do you think?

Should we hold a modest New Year's Westfield event this year or wait until next year?

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7 thoughts on “Should We Do a Modest New Year’s Westfield This Year or Wait and Plan a Big One for Next Year?

  1. I have heard from several residents that they want to donate but don’t know where they can drop off donations. Is there a site that I can send someone to if they want to drop off cash or check donations? I personally have not donated because I don’t want to do it online.

  2. Go big . If you don’t the next years event won’t draw the people . Organize go to northamptons see what and how they do it

  3. If you go small this year, the talk will be how poorly put together it was, and the attendance the following year would be affected. I think you plan BIG for 2016 and keep the publicity going about the “Big Event.”

  4. I think we should have a small celebration at the clock tower at mid-night.
    Skip the sprint stuff this year and just have a small band in the park next to the clock tower and have a small celebration there at mid-night.
    Next year you can build off of the small celebration and have what ever you want .
    But this year keep it small and simple.

  5. Definitely wait. You don’t want the debut event to be a flop. Do the necessary homework and prepare for a great event. Use the time to do things wisely and that way, we can ensure that 2016 will be a HUGE success!

  6. A lot of good events started out small, and then grew over the years. I want to celebrate New Year’s in Westfield this year.

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