New Year’s Westfield Officially Cancelled for 2015, But Stay Tuned for 2016!

We are sorry to report that we could not secure support from the Westfield police for our planned activities on New Year’s Eve. We were told that lack of manpower that evening and safety issues were the main points of concerns.

The good news is that the planning committee definitely wants to regroup and and plan an event for a 2016 celebration. Please know the money donated thus far has not been spent will be safely kept for the celebration next year.

There is still going to be other stuff happening on New Year’s Eve and we will be posting and advertising those events on our website at

Thanks so much to the committee, those who offerred to volunteer, and everyone who gave their input on what New Year’s in Westfield might look like. If there’s one thing we learned this year is that there is definitely a huge amount of enthusiasm for this idea. So don’t worry, we will definitely be doing something next year!

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Westfield Officially Cancelled for 2015, But Stay Tuned for 2016!

  1. I say let’s fill the downtown streets with people at midnight. There is nothing illegal about that! Bring on the celebration!

  2. Not enough manpower to support activities on NewYears but enough to too road jobs instead of having civilian flaggers do the job.

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