New Year’s Westfield 2015 is a Go!

Our enthusiastic New Year’s Westfield planning committee members took the bull by the horns last night and decided that it was best for the community of Westfield to proceed with a celebration this year!

It was a decision made with quite a bit of deliberation. For the last couple of months we have been hemming and hawing about whether or not to go forward this year or wait until next year. Ultimately, we decided that even a smaller celebration this year, if done well, would do more to build the event for next year than doing nothing this year. So forward we will go!

So, what’s going to happen on December 31st?

The centerpiece of the celebration will be the “Beat the Clock Midnight Sprint” (our working title for now). This is not going to be your traditional competitive run. This sprint will be a fun “race against time,” challenging participants to cross the finish line before the clock tower strikes midnight. Contestants will choose a division (e. g. sprinters, joggers, walkers) and each division will have a different start time. So, for example, walkers might start at 11:45 pm while the sprinter division might start at 11:55 pm. The sprint will be less than a mile and will consist of a couple of laps over the Great River bridges and end at the clock tower. With any luck, everyone will finish together at midnight before the little worker pops out and sets to work. Then it’s time to celebrate with our friends, family and neighbors! Music and refreshments will be available.

In addition to our sprint, we will be reaching out to local restaurants, bars, church groups and other community groups to help advertise all the activities already going on during the day under the “New Year’s Westfield” banner. For example, Amelia Park and the Children’s museum already have lots of stuff going on that evening which we can help promote. We’ll also work with local restaurants and bars to encourage them to bring live music into their establishments that evening as well. The goal of this effort is to let the community know that there are lots of opportunities to get out into Westfield and have an enjoyable New Year’s Eve right here in town.

Thanks to everyone who gave their input about this event so far. One of the big reasons we know this event will be a success is because of all the fantastic feedback we’ve received from the community. Please continue leave your thoughts and comments below or on our Facebook page. This event is driven by and for Westfield residents so your input is extremely valuable and important to us.

We are also going to start getting more serious about fundraising. We are now shooting to raise $2500 for the event. Please donate online here if you are an individual or here if you are a business. Every donation is greatly appreciated! We will be allowing cash and check donations as well in the near future and we will let you know how to make those donations once we are set up to receive them.

Our planning committee will now set to work and pull everything together. There is still plenty of room on our planning committee and we welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer on New Year’s Eve as well. To volunteer, please sign up here.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you at New Year’s Westfield!

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Westfield 2015 is a Go!

  1. I don’t think a race is the smartest event to plan right before midnight. It is the coldest time of day, it could be below zero, or snowing, raining, or icy. Can you say accident and lawsuit waiting to happen? Someone will get hurt. Maybe do a race in daytime before the night events. People want to have fun on New Years and be warm not be exercising with frostbite.

  2. Liability is not a problem, all races have waivers that runners must sign. But, considering that the boys and girls club sponsors a5k and 10k race early on New Year’s Day, a race on New Year’s eve may not be well attended. But it doesn’t hurt to try! Personally speaking, I preferred to be standing with a glass of champagne in my hands at midnight, not bending over to catch my breath with my head between my knees.

  3. Getting sweaty and hanging around the clock tower is your idea of an exciting time? No fireworks? No music? No activities for the masses?

  4. i think making it a walk is better because the runners will jist run down the walkers having done one of the walk / runs back a few years ago. the runners just ran past the walkers. going across the bridges would be fun , seeing as how a lot of people hate them, they may see they the bridges are really nice. make sure you let every place along elm street know about this so every establishment and church can participate. post the times, make up maps of every participant

  5. Hello there I am note sure if any music is being planned but I am a D.J. with the date open. Charlie Brown is right new years eve without music is no fun. Some food for thought what too do in the event of bad weather?

  6. A run right at midnight is the opposite of what I want to be doing! I love the idea, but people want champagne and beer not sweat at midnight. A run during sunset might be a better idea, it would give people a great view over the bridges and allow for them to have time to get ready for their night. If Westfield wants to host a new years event there should be fireworks, music and special promos at local bars and restaurants. It should really be like the summer concerts x10. Most parents are not going to bring their kids to an event they know will be filled with drunk people walking the center of westfield. This means that this event should be geared towards the 21+ group with maybe some day-time fun for the kids.

    Overall great idea but I think it needs some tweaking before december.

  7. Stupidity at best drunk road racing should be great! Sounds like a fun family event can’t wait to read about this. Go Westfield!. REALLY A RACE?. Another brilliant “not” idea. This was suppose to be a first night Westfield. Instead you want a road race. Wow.

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