About New Year’s Westfield

facebook_profile5Ring in 2015 Westfield Style!

Want something fun and local to do this New Year’s Eve? Why not celebrate 2015 here in downtown Westfield with all your friends and neighbors? This event is organized and run by volunteer Westfield residents just like you.

Get Ready for a Great Party

Our volunteer committee is laying plans to deliver a great New Year’s Eve party to downtown Westfield. Food, live music, a road race and, of course, eagerly waiting for Westfield’s iconic clock tower to strike midnight are just a few of the fun things we’re considering. The more support we get, the bigger and better the party will be. We’re counting on you to pull together with us to make this happen.

Show Your Pride in Westfield

Not only is this a chance for you to have a good time, it’s a great opportunity to help show support for our city and help build Westfield’s reputation as a wonderful place to live.