New Year’s Westfield Officially Cancelled for 2015, But Stay Tuned for 2016!

We are sorry to report that we could not secure support from the Westfield police for our planned activities on New Year’s Eve. We were told that lack of manpower that evening and safety issues were the main points of concerns.

The good news is that the planning committee definitely wants to regroup and and plan an event for a 2016 celebration. Please know the money donated thus far has not been spent will be safely kept for the celebration next year.

There is still going to be other stuff happening on New Year’s Eve and we will be posting and advertising those events on our website at

Thanks so much to the committee, those who offerred to volunteer, and everyone who gave their input on what New Year’s in Westfield might look like. If there’s one thing we learned this year is that there is definitely a huge amount of enthusiasm for this idea. So don’t worry, we will definitely be doing something next year!

Should We Do a Modest New Year’s Westfield This Year or Wait and Plan a Big One for Next Year?

The New Year’s Westfield committee met a couple of weeks ago. Due to tight time constraints, it was decided to either:

1) Have just a simple gathering this year with a “Beat the Clock” midnight sprint and a small celebration at the conclusion of the race at midnight. This isn’t a traditional road race. Participants in the sprint would need to get to the finish line before the clock tower strikes midnight. There would be different time divisions (e.g. sprinters, joggers, and walkers). What time you start the sprint would depend what division you are in. At this point, it looks like the sprint would be a couple of laps over the Great River bridges. There would likely be a DJ and adult beverages available.


2) Do nothing this year and have a much larger and longer event next year with a road race, food, music, competitive games, and activities for families and kids of all ages.

The committee is seeking Westfield resident’s input on this decision. Some on the committee thought it might be a good idea to wait until we can do it right while others were of the opinion that we should do something more low key this year.

What do you think?

Should we hold a modest New Year's Westfield event this year or wait until next year?

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We Did It!

Yes, we did it! We blew past our goal of getting 300 people committed to come to a New Year’s Eve celebration in Westfield by July 31st. As of Thursday evening, we have signed on 416 people. Thank you for supporting this event!

So what’s next?

Next we start notifying the public and civic, business and community leaders in Westfield that we have a good showing of interest for a celebration. We absolutely need to get their buy-in to make this happen. Concurrent with this effort, we will get a small committee in place to start laying plans, organizing and raising money for this event.

You can stay informed on our progress on our website,, through occasional emails, and a new Facebook page which we will launch soon.

Again, thank you so much for participating in our petition drive. We’re very excited about the possibility of ringing in the new year with you on December 31st!

Steve Dondley